DIN 434-1990 Square taper washers for use with channel sections

DIN  434-1990 Square taper washers for use with channel sections
德标DIN 434-1990 DIN434 434DIN Square taper washers for use with channel sections

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Material: plain or medium carbon steel, stainless steel, copper; Specification: φ8-φ30; Surface treatment: zinc plated, black, phosphating, dacromet, hot-dip galvanizing
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Similar Standards
1 槽钢用方斜垫圈 [GB]
GB 853-1988
Square Taper Washers For Slot Section
2 工字钢用方斜垫圈 [GB]
GB 852-1988
Square Taper Washers For I Section
3 I型工字钢用方斜垫圈 [DIN]
DIN 435-1989
Square taper washers for use with 1 sections
4 木结构用方形垫圈 [DIN]
DIN 436-1990
Square Washers; Especially For Wood Constructions
5 钢结构工字钢用高强度螺栓连接用方形垫圈 [DIN]
DIN 6917-1989
Square Taper Washers For High-Strength Structural Bolting Of Steel I Sections
6 用于槽钢的钢结构高强度螺栓用方垫圈 [DIN]
DIN 6918-1990
Square Taper Washers For High-strength Structual Bolting Of Steel Channel Sections
7 槽钢用方斜垫圈 [DIN]
DIN 434-2000
Square Taper Washers For U-sections
8 I型工字钢用方斜垫圈 [DIN]
DIN 435-2000
Square Taper Washers For Use With I Sections
9 方形垫圈 [JIS]
JIS B 1256-1978
Square Washers
10 方斜垫圈 (可锻铸铁/白口铁) [Type A] [ASME/ANSI]
ASME/ANSI B 18.23.1-1967(R1975)
Square Beveled Washers (Malleable Iron) [Type A]
11 淬硬钢工字钢用方斜垫圈 [Table 5] [ASME/ANSI]
ASME/ANSI B 18.2.6-2011
Hardened Beveled Washers With Slope or Taper in Thickness 1:6
12 方斜垫圈 (钢制) [Type B] [ASME/ANSI]
ASME/ANSI 18.23.1-1967(R1975)
Square Beveled Washers (Steel) [Type B]
13 淬硬钢工字钢用方斜垫圈 [ASME/ANSI]
ASME/ANSI B 18.2.6-2003
Hardened beveled washers with slope or taper in thichness 1:16
14 方斜垫圈(U型) [UNI]
UNI 6598-2002
Channel Clamping Plates For UNP Section (Inclination 8%)
15 米制锥形方垫片 [BS]
BS 4395-1-1969
Metric Square Taper Washers
16 粗制四方垫圈 Table 11 [BS]
BS 3410-1961
Square Black Washers With Round Holes
17 方斜垫圈 Table 12 [BS]
BS 3410-1961
Square Or D-shaped Taper Washers
18 工字钢用方斜垫圈 [ASTM]
ASTM F 436-2010
Square hardened beveled washers
19 方斜垫圈和剪切方斜垫圈 [ASTM]
ASTM F 436-2011
Hardened Beveled Washers
20 方垫圈 [CNS]
CNS 155-1994
Square Washers
21 带双槽槽钢用方斜垫圈 [CNS]
CNS 156-1994
Square Taper Washers With Double Slots For Channel
22 高强度结构槽钢用方斜垫圈 [CNS]
CNS 4647-1983
Square Taper Washers For High Prestressed Channels
23 带单槽工字钢用方斜垫圈 [CNS]
CNS 157-1994
Square Taper Washers For 工 Steel With Single Slot
24 钢结构高强度螺栓连接—单槽方斜垫圈 [CNS]
CNS 4646-1983
Square Taper Washers With Single Slot For High Strength Bolts Connection For Steel Structure