DIN 6795 Grounding washers

DIN  6795 Grounding washers
德标DIN 6795 DIN6795 6795DIN Grounding washers
德标DIN 6795 DIN6795 6795DIN Grounding washers

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Material: 65Mn, SUS304, SUS316; Specification: φ3-φ20
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GB /T 956.3-2017
Conical Spring Washers
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Disc spring-A style
3 A系列碟形弹簧 [GB]
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Disc Spring-A Style
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Disc spring-C style
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GB /T 1972-2005
Disc Spring-C Style
8 不锈钢防松垫圈 [DIN]
DIN 9250S
Lock washers with doule faced printing
9 S系列碟簧安全垫圈 [DIN]
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Dish spring safe washers s-style
10 VS系列碟簧安全垫圈 [DIN]
DIN 9025
Dish spring safe washers vs-style
11 螺栓连接件用蝶形弹簧垫圈 [DIN]
DIN 6796-1987
Conincal Spring Washers Bor Bolt/Nut Assemblies
12 组合件用锥形弹性垫圈 [DIN]
DIN 6908-1990
Conical spring washers for screw and washer assemblies
13 螺栓连接件用蝶形弹簧垫圈 [DIN]
DIN 6796-2009
Conical Spring Washers for Bolted Connections
14 碟形垫圈 A型 [DIN]
DIN 2093-2013
Disc Springs - Series A
15 螺钉和垫圈组合件用锥形弹性垫圈 [DIN]
DIN 6908-1995
Conical Spring Washers For Screw And Washer Assemblies
16 碟形垫圈 B型 [DIN]
DIN 2093-2013
Conical Spring Washers- Series B
17 碟形弹簧垫圈 C型 [DIN]
DIN 2093-2013
Disc Spring Washers-Series C
18 碟形弹簧垫圈 [JIS]
JIS B 1251-2001
Conical spring lock washers
19 碟簧 [UNI]
UNI 8737
Coned-disc (or Belville) springs
20 锯齿锥面弹簧垫圈.符号CS [NF]
NF E 25-511-1984
Conical knurled spring washers. Symbol CS.
21 滚花碟簧 [NF]
NF E 25-511-1980
Knurling disc spring
22 碟形弹簧垫圈(螺栓锁紧连接件用锥面固定垫圈.符号CL) [NF]
NF E 25-510-2008
Conical static washers for bolted connections - Symbol CL
23 碟形弹簧垫圈 [NF]
NF E 25-104-1978
Conical spring washers - Dynamic washers (or so-called Belleville spring washers)
24 SKM滚花碟形垫圈 [YJT]
YJT /SKM 1108-2017
Knurled disc washer—SKM
25 碟形弹性垫圈 [SAE]
SAE J 773-1998
Disc spring