JIS B 1183-2010 Small acorn nuts—Assembling type

JIS B 1183-2010 Small acorn nuts—Assembling type
日标JIS B1183-2010 JIS1183 1183JIS Small acorn nuts—Assembling type

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Material : plain carbon steel, alloy steel; Grade: 6, 8, 10, 12; Specification: M4-M30; Surface treatment: blue & white zinc plated, color zinc, hot-dip galvanizing, black
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1 组合式盖形螺母 [GB]
GB 802-1988
Acorn Nuts
2 组合式盖形螺母 [GB]
GB /T 802.1-2008
Acorn Nuts-Assembling Type
3 焊接型六角盖形螺母 [GB]
GB /T 802.2-2008
Hexagon Weld Acorn Nuts
4 六角法兰面盖形螺母 焊接型 [GB]
GB /T 802.3-2009
Acorn Hexagon Nuts With Flange-Welding Type
5 六角低球面盖形螺母 焊接型 [GB]
GB /T 802.4-2009
Hexagon Cap Nuts-Welding Type
6 组合式六角盖形螺母 [JIS]
JIS B 1183-1994
Acorn nuts-combined type
7 细牙小六角组合式盖形螺母 [JIS]
JIS B 1181-2001
Acorn nuts,Fine pitch
8 细牙六角组合式盖形螺母 [JIS]
JIS B 1181-2001
Acorn nuts with fine pitch-combined type
9 组合式盖形螺母 [JIS]
JIS B 1181-2001
Acorn nuts-combined type
10 小六角组合式盖形螺母 [JIS]
JIS B 1183-2001
Small hexagon acorn nuts-combined type
11 组合式盖形螺母 (细牙) [JIS]
JIS B 1183-2010
Acorn nuts—Assembling type
12 组合式小盖形螺母 [KS]
KS B 1026-1990
Small Domed Cap Nuts - Assembling Type
13 组合式盖形螺母 细牙 [KS]
KS B 1026-1990
Domed Cap Nuts - Assembling Type