Event Date (s): 09/23/2019 - 09/25/2019
Venue: ADNEC


Cost-Effective Medium

A powerful yet cost effective medium because it specifically targets an audience in one convenient place in which it will attract national and international buyers. It is a showcase in the hub of business area where like-minded persons can meet with peers share knowledge, discuss new ideas and trends in person with other professionals

Engage in New Business

A unique opportunity to spread into untapped regions and build the right relationships with key industry professional for new businesses

Meet New Customers

It might be a bit of a stretch to meet during a short span of time, but you’ll be in the right place to meet the right contacts across the horizon for your business

Brand Exposure

Trade shows are a great modem to present your brand and new products technology & know-how to a wider audience across the horizon

Make The Brand Tangible

Give the visitors the opportunity to touch and feel your products to create involvement and bring the customer experience of your brand alive

Strenghten Existing Stance

An opportunity to evaluate your competitors and strengthen your ties with existing clients

Market Trends

Stay abreast with the latest technologies and know-hows in the market to modulate your business for better results and profits

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